Are you in a District or SELPA that is still holding on to the discrepancy model, knowing full well you still have to identify a processing deficit associated with the academic area that is impacted? Want to know how to use all the assessment information you’ve gathered on a student and be able to put it into a report that fits both discrepancy and PSW models? How do you do SLD for African American students using a discrepancy model, because CDE will not let you put anything in the intelligence (ability) box to make the calculation against achievement? Oh, and now that we are all doing distance learning, how do we address reliability and validity? It can be done and here is a workshop that will help you do that. You'll learn how to conduct an assessment and write a report that is compliant with the discrepancy model and addresses PSW issues too (big hint you're already doing this anyways, you just didn't realize it) for all your students.
What you will walk away from this workshop knowing:
1. It’s not all that different from what is required for the discrepancy model
2. How to define all 8 basic cognitive processing areas (yes that includes cognitive conceptualization, association and expression, and where might orthographic processing fit in).
3. When to abandon trying to find a discrepancy between ability and achievement and how to do it appropriately
4. And focus on complex cases (reports including African American students or bilingual/bicultural) where there is something obviously impacting learning, but the discrepancy model isn’t very helpful, conversely where the PSW model isn't helpful but the discrepancy model is.
5. All this information is based on all the assessment information you’ve collected and allows you to make the best Data-Based Decision Making for determining eligibility for Specific Learning Disability.
6. How to deal with reliability and validity in your reports when using PPE, doing it virtually, or doing something else equally creative.

A personal Zoom link will be provided prior to this event for all registered attendees.

About our presenter:
James Hiramoto, Ph.D. has over 25 years experience as a school psychologist; 5 years as a school board member; 10 years as a professor/program director; and 7 years with the Diagnostic Center, Northern California, CDE. He has been CASP’s Region II Representative, and has served many roles on the CASP Board, and is serving now as the Chair/Specialist of Assessment, Research, and Publication - Editor of CASP Today. He has written and co-authored CASP Position Papers and the recent CASP Resource Paper-School Psychology Practice during COVID Series #1 - Assessment Guidance. He has provided professional development trainings statewide (including 25 SELPA's and County Offices of Education, over 25 school districts, and multiple CASP Affiliate Associations), nationally and internationally. He was content expert for the state’s website on areas of special education assessment, specifically culturally responsive assessment. Currently, he works full time as a school psychologist for Lodi Unified School District.

Legally Defensible SLD Assessment/PSW with James Hiramoto


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