CVA-CASP Presents Dr. Feifer with the Neuropsychology of Emotional Disorders: A Framework for Effective Interventions

Presented by Steven Feifer, D. Ed., ABSNP

8:30a - 4:00p

Friday, September 30th, 2022

Elite Event Venue (4105 W Figarden Dr. Fresno, CA 93722)


Environmental deprivation, poverty, childhood abuse, witnessing violence, and pandemics are just some of the factors that can impact both cognitive and social-emotional development in children. This workshop will explore the neural architecture of emotional behavior by examining various brain structures laying the foundation for higher level social skill functioning. Specific biological factors related to the development of social competence and emotional self-regulation will be explored. Particular focus will be on factors leading to emotional dysregulation and the neurobiological underpinnings of stress and trauma on the brain. Schools can enhance emotional wellness in children through early prevention efforts, appropriate assessment strategies, teaching collaborative problem solving, and developing a nurturing school climate to foster emotional growth for all children. Specific assessment strategies, innovative screening tools, and targeted classroom interventions will be shared.


The specific learning objectives include:

(1) Discuss the prevalence of trauma and stress for school aged children, as well as the various sources from which trauma can occur.
(2) Discuss the neural architecture of emotional functioning by examining six key brain regions responsible for behavioral self-regulation.

(3) Review five essential steps toward the development of a “trauma informed” school.
(4) Introduce the merits of utilizing a collaborative problem solving approach instead of over-relying upon behavior intervention plans to develop greater emotional resiliency for all children.
(5) Introduce effective assessment strategies, screening tools, and classroom interventions for children with emotional self-regulation and behavioral disorders.